Terms of Service

You are welcome to use the knowledge learning service (hereinafter referred to as the service) provided by Wake Up Academy (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform"),Before you decide to buy,Please be sure to read this "online knowledge service contract" (hereinafter referred to as this clause),And follow the system guidance steps to complete the member registration,To successfully obtain membership of this platform。When you register,Means you have read、Understand and agree to accept all the contents of this clause (including privacy clause),And fully accept the current and future derived service items and content of this platform,And agree that all content of the company on this platform will be notified or expressed in electronic files。 The company has the right to modify or change the content of this membership terms (including relevant service terms or regulations) at any time,The revised membership terms and conditions will be published on this platform,No individual notification to members,Please pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time。If you continue to use this platform after any modification or change,You are deemed to have read、Understand and agree to accept such modifications or changes。 If you are under 20 years old,You should immediately ask your parent (or guardian) to read it carefully、After understanding and agreeing to all the contents of this clause,Only accept or use the membership services of this platform。If you provide false information、People who mislead people to believe that you are an adult or that you have obtained the membership of this platform through the consent of your parents (or guardians) or other illegal methods,When you use or continue to use this platform,It is presumed that your parent (or guardian) has read、Understand and agree to accept all the contents of the membership terms and subsequent modifications and changes。

One、Member application



Data collected will wake college store operations in the wake of the host institute and the State。

  1. 登錄會員假如您已經註冊本平台之會員帳號請在本平台「會員登入」處直接登錄即可如果您尚未取得本平台會員資格請在本平台「註冊/登入」處註冊成為會員
  2. 選購商品您可以在本首頁或任何欄目下查看課程的詳細說明選擇自己所喜歡的課程
  3. 加入購物車在查看課程詳細說明的頁面點選「購買課程」
  4. 付款方式在購物車裡有您選擇的課程選擇您欲使用的付款方式並填寫必要的相關資訊
  5. 交易完成確認以上各項手續正確無誤後點選「確認」鍵即視為交易完成


  1. 使用現金優惠券將於購物車清單選擇使用按照券面金額折抵交易金額
  2. 現金優惠券具有「使用期限」請在期限內兌換使用逾期恕不補發
  3. 現金優惠券具有「使用範圍」請依照說明使用兌換對應的服務項目
  4. 每堂課程限使用一張現金優惠券只要符合期限和範圍皆可使用
  5. 若現金優惠券金額大於課程價格時將折抵無法使用
  6. 已使用優惠券交易後辦理申請退貨者恕不再次補發優惠卷
  7. 優惠活動過程中如發現違規行為(包含惡意批量註冊無效手機虛假資訊等)喚醒學院將停封違規帳號並撤銷獲得的相關優惠
  8. Wake up the college reserves the right to modify and terminate the promotional activities on the site。

four、Course return instructions

  1. You can use the preview (free trial/trial view) service provided by this platform at any time to select courses you are interested in for preview,It is recommended that you use it more before deciding to purchase a course,As a reference for whether you buy。Within 7 days after you complete the course purchase,您的會員帳號有使用或觀看之紀錄時您將無法以任何理由要求退費
  2. 您購買之課程付款完成起7日內若您的會員帳號無使用及觀看課程之記錄(以本平台之後台數據為準)您可要求全額退費惟本公司酌收購買課程時的通路手續費
  3. 您付款完成已超過7日,You cannot request a refund for any reason。

Fives、Services and restrictions

  1. Internet teaching courses must be bound to your personal computer、Laptop、Small laptop、Mobile device or vehicle equipment approved by the company。Courses offered by this service,You must use a legal, legitimate and normal way to go online,If you use illegal methods to operate,The company will restrict the use of your account;If you attack our company's server,The company will immediately restrict the IP address you use、Delete relevant electromagnetic records and prosecute your legal liability and liability for damages。
  2. Each course has a different time limit,For related restrictions, please refer to the detailed description of the course,And please always pay attention to any change announcements on this platform。

Fives、User responsibilities and obligations

You must keep your personal data properly、Paid information、Related account and password,Cannot be loaned to others,If it is found that your account password has been illegally used or is suspected of being compromised by theft,You should immediately report to our customer service center。All use of your account and password to use this service is regarded as your behavior,If your account password is illegally used,The company will report to the police as soon as it learns,You agree to cooperate with the investigation by the police or prosecuting agency。 This service transaction is only available for members to use on this platform,You are not allowed to sell privately in any way,If disputes arise due to violation of the aforementioned restrictions,The company is not responsible。If you have one of the following situations,本公司將會隨時終止您的會員資格及使用各項服務的權利

  1. Deliberately spreading to interfere with the normal operation of the network system of this platform。
  2. 於本平台上散佈恐嚇毀謗侵犯他人隱私色情或其他違反公序良俗之文字圖片或影像者
  3. 未經授權擅自重製課程或教材內容者
  4. 將自己或其他會員帳號密碼提供第三方使用者
  5. 蓄意入侵或破壞線上學習系統者