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Tips for Success2020/02/03
In charge、The boss say always makes you feel incredible?/ Huang Pengjun
Is in charge of matters assigned,You just do not bother and complain? In fact, executives and you want out differently! A "switched",There will be more opportunities in life Flip…
Tips for Success2020/02/10
Probably why the wording,Destroying your life?/ Huang Pengjun
may、probably、perhaps、almost… Vague language is only trying to avoid bear responsibility! Want to achieve the dream,You must first set up a "precise" objectives…
Tips for Success2020/02/14
To establish their own set of guidelines,Down with the sound of small heart/ 布萊爾辛格
Have their own set of guidelines to avoid harm suffered,Because they are their own worst enemy When reminded each other to comply,He will thrive and also make the people around you to follow progress…
SOS is the only way to success/ 陈玉珮
Smooth sailing career 玉珮,They have met their unexpected life issues:Unable to communicate with others。Fear of hate by others,And then select closed his heart…
Tips for Success2020/03/01
Take the first step to start successfully from the brave/ Liu Jiao
Nothing came to Taiwan,When she was 23 years old。A person walking fast,A group of people able to go further。With the team after Liu Jiao,But found that employees do not feel the love we give…
你得不到想要的你將得到更好的/ Huang Pengjun
Tips for Success2020/03/22
按兵不動?儲存糧草?/ Huang Pengjun
環境不好時你選擇坐以待斃? 還是開始儲存糧草? 你的選擇決定了你的未來
Tips for Success2020/05/25
一公噸的知識比不上一盎司的行動/ Huang Pengjun
你是不是總覺得現在擁有的不夠 想要得到更好更新的東西 覺得自己還沒成功每天都很沮喪
環境大於個人意志/ Huang Pengjun
只要環境稍微改變 就覺得自己隨波逐流 感覺自己被身邊的人影響著
Tips for Success2020/06/10
疲憊時分出高下/ Huang Pengjun
你身邊沒有願意跟隨的夥伴 常常因為各種事就動搖然後沒有辦法成功 離目標越來越遠嗎