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Wake College attaches great importance to the privacy of all participants,此隱私政策描述了我們所收集的信息該信息將被如何使用以及您對於信息使用和披露可做出的選擇我們建議您在使用我們的網站和服務以及與我們進行交易時仔細閱讀此隱私政策與我們的使用者條款通過使用我們的網站即表明您已接受此隱私政策中描述的行為


Wake College comply with the Facebook site's privacy policy and Google advertising norms,從網友授權所蒐集的相關個人相關資料,Applies only to services provided by the wake-up college。 Wake-up college or log in using Facebook in your G-mail,僅蒐集並使用您E-mail帳號與性別資訊提供客制化的內容及服務

  • When you buy any course in the wake College,所留下填寫之個人資料, Cash flow will be paid through our third-party platform for the new blue third parties responsible for cash flow NewebPay, Wake College only get information corresponding to the contents of the order。
  • Wake college such as organizing sweepstakes or any feedback activities,你所提供給主辦單位的得獎連絡資料也僅供此活動使用, School will not wake activity data delivered directly or sold to third parties。
  • If the wake-School cooperation with third-party service,The third party should be required by law wake Academy membership site using the corresponding agreement and privacy policy, Wake School will make every effort to protect the security of personal data of all Member。


Data collected will wake college store operations in the wake of the host institute and the State。

  • 使用者參加部分活動服務的紀錄與資訊將公開顯示在網站的活動頁上;Participate in activities organized by the Institute wake,You agree wake School public display part of the event record。
  • 購買教學課程之學生,If the share for the corresponding uploaded the course work or job,You agree that this public work or work to other students,或是一般瀏覽者觀看


Wake College Privacy Policy is subject to change with the needs of business website,除另有聲明者外所有的修訂條款將於張貼日起自動生效請定期查看


May contain links outside the station on Wake College site,針對第三方網站的隱私權政策, Wake schools do not have any liability。


如果對本隱私政策或我們的信息處理方法有任何疑問請通過電子郵件的方式聯繫[email protected]